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It is April of 2021 and I am challenging myself to try and shoot a photo a day. It is difficult to find something with all of the restrictions. We are both vaccinated and hoping to be out and about more this year. It is good to see so many old friends that are here still.

And yet another update. I have decided to try and drop in once in a while. I miss you all. I do have to say that I am busy. I am very active on google+ and involved in an online Scavenger Hunt. Elke Hochban got me playing in round 6 and we are currently on 20! I am going to Vegas this Fall to meet up with a lot of them. I am making a bit of a name for myself on the local scene. I have the cover and one other page in the Spring Grove Arboretum Calendar. That is big stuff in Cincinnati. I just won a contest that I totally forgot I entered and got a $100 gift card for the winning "butterfly" shot at Krohn Conservatory. I sell the occasional post card and make a few bucks every now and again. All I can really say is that my camera is my Prozac and keeps me happy and busy. It was my 365 project that gave me the courage to try my hand on the local scene. Thank you wonderful people.

During the last several years I have switched from Canon to a lighter Sony for old hands!
I won't spend a lot of time thanking folks. I like to spend my time commenting on your work.