(Day 217) - Buzzin' and Chillin' by cjphoto

(Day 217) - Buzzin' and Chillin'

Don't you just love those large, round "puppy-dog" eyes he's giving to the camera? Come on, you gotta love it, he even has a slight head tilt. haha :D Normally houseflies are zipping all around but these ones have been so still lately, guess they like posing for my camera.

I'm stilling getting back into my routine after my vacation. I need a vacation from the vacation. haha. Anyhoo, got behind on checking out you guys projects but haven't forgot about ya, hope to catch up soon!
A great close up they are so hard to capture
September 20th, 2013  
The flower is a beautiful color and the fly is pretty amazing! Nice shot!! My daughter once took a picture of a fly, and I said, "who would want to do that?" and it turned out to be awesome. His feet looked like little hooves hanging on to the grass.
September 20th, 2013  
Yes, rather colorful but looking too close is a little creepy.
September 20th, 2013  
Wonderful close up.
September 21st, 2013  
@triciaodonnell - Thanks for your kind interest in my photo Tricia!

@julie - haha sometimes I tell myself that a fly is not that interesting until I take a shot and look at them closely and they can be pretty awesome...yet still buggy little guys! That sounds like an awesome shot your daughter took.

@kimshots - haha yes and his eyes are super creepy! Thanks Kim!

@jesperani - Thank you very much Jennifer!
September 23rd, 2013  
He's looking at you and wondering how you have such a huge 'eye' yourself!
September 24th, 2013  
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