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Hi! Welcome to my wonderful world of photography. The name's Chris! I reside in sunny Los Angeles, California. My 365 Project started in 2011. It kept going for 10 years! Now, I take my time and create new photo scenes and provide tips every other day.

My 365 Project motivates me to improve and share. It's also helped me develop a love for creating photos that sparks the imagination and make people smile. Hope they do the same for you. Feel free to check in as often as you like for inspiration in your own 365 project!

Oh! In case you’re wondering, the little dude in my profile pic is me. Believe it or not, I was only 4 years old when my dad took that photo. It's my good reminder to always stay a kid at heart. :)

To check out what's hip and happening in my world of photography, please visit my website: https://cjohnsonphoto.com

You can also take a quick look at my heartwarming photo book, The Paperclip Family Album: https://cjohnsonphoto.com/store
10 Years of My 365 Project
(Each Year Begins on Feb. 14th):

Year 1 (It All Started with Bacon): https://365project.org/cjphoto/365/2011-02
Year 2 (Practicing, Learning Everyday): https://365project.org/cjphoto/365/2012-02
Year 3 (Exploring Home & Everywhere): https://365project.org/cjphoto/365/2013-02
Year 4 (Creative Photos That POP): https://365project.org/cjphoto/365/2014-02
Year 5 (A Different Theme Each Month): https://365project.org/cjphoto/365/2015-02
Year 6 (A Different Color Each Month): https://365project.org/cjphoto/365/2016-02
Year 7 (A New Theme Each Month): https://365project.org/cjphoto/365/2017-02
Year 8 (A New Theme Each Week): https://365project.org/cjphoto/365/2018-02
Year 9 (Year of CJ the Legographer): https://365project.org/cjphoto/365/2019-02
Year 10 (Sharpening Creativity): https://365project.org/cjphoto/365/2020-02