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Critique/suggestions welcomed for any of my shots. I want to improve so appreciate any comments you have.

Edit: 28/3/23: It seems I'm not good at consistent updates! Still taking photos, just rubbish at uploading them here!

Edit 3/3/2021: well, it's been a while! I've still been taking photos even though I have been totally absent from here and I have some pretty places to share. I'm not gonna make any specific commitment, but I will be getting back on the 365 horse for sure!

Edit 4/1/18: Almost a year since my last update to this. Photos kind of went by the wayside last year as I concentrated on my 1,000 mile run (which I completed on 19th Dec - a whole 12 days before my deadline!). This year I want to re-focus on improving my photography skills and be more consistent with posting my shots and working on different techniques.

Edit 12/1/17: This year I've added a physical challenge to my 365 one - I'm going to run 1000 miles over the year to raise funds for Strathcarron Hospice (in Central Scotland). I will be blogging my progress at 1000milerun.tumblr.com and if you are able to spare a donation, my fundraising page is www.justgiving.com/fundraising/Emma-Mckie1. Many thanks :)

I love travelling and taking photos but just bought a DSLR so this project is my way of marking progress. For the moment, most pics will be straight from camera to site but I hope to get to grips with Lightroom soon :)

Edit 24/4/16: After some hemming and hawing I've decided to upgrade to Ace, mainly to add the second album and post edits of some of my older pictures with notes on what I've done. Ideally I'm going to try and do one from the same day in a previous year, but that might not work out as I suspect a fair number of them would be from 2009/10 when I was travelling, so we'll see! Maybe I'll post alternate shots from this year too - it's a fluid plan, haha.