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January 2024, here we go for my 13th year on 365 !

I'm just an amateur, I have no technics, no rules.
I know I will never reach the level of half of the people here, but I do like being there, seeing amazing works of talented people.
I'm trying to improve my skills but my project is also the witness of moments of my life...no more.. ;)

I'm still a French woman living in Switzerland, still married and mother of two crazy girls, Léa and Alix.

I just love taking photos all the time, my weapons are a Nikon 90, a Sony RX100 and my iPhone 15 max .

Thank you for the inspiration, sorry for the bad English...
Thank you for all the comments, the fav, the advices....everything is welcome ! But I won't have the time to thank you back everyday, I will prefer spending time on seeing and commenting your photos.

Voilà, à bientôt ;)