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Mauritius, January 2023:
I've been interested in photography for just under a year. I began posting on this site April 2022.

At the moment, I use both an entry-level DSLR (Nikon D3500) as well as my iPhone and make a point of having one or the other - or both - readily at hand.

I'd love to learn how to be a better photographer, enjoy the process, and be relaxed and knowledgeable in the use of the camera I have at hand. I'm not interested in becoming a professional or doing it for any sort of competitive reasons.

I'd also like to be able to use my own photo/s in my graphic designs, which was my once my profession and which I now engage in purely for fun.

Furthermore, if I can come up with just one or two unmanipulated photographs that I think are good enough to print and hang on my wall, I'll be dead happy.

I tend to photograph ‘in the moment’ - what I see around me in my daily life. I don't plan photo shoots and the like and am not a member of any real-life photographic club or camera group.