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I started this project on New Years Day 2016 after my sister suggested it. I hope to see it as a fun & creative project rather than a chore!

I've been using a DSLR for about 3 years but I still feel I haven't got a clue what I am doing! I will also be snapping on my iPhone 6. I enjoy capturing my family, coastal images of South West England and food!

March 2016
Joined Ace! Decided to set up a second album for food photography (I love food!) as I am finding that food pics could easily take over my daily project. This way I have a separate area just for culinary delights!

1 January 2017
I am back again for a second year! To be honest, I'd find it hard NOT to take a daily picture now! It has become a bit of an addiction which I thoroughly enjoy. I hope to continue photographing a variety of subjects and improve along the way. I also aim to comment on more pictures this year. In addition to my main project I also hope to post a daily food themed photo. I failed to keep this second album updated last year so I intend to try harder in 2017.

January 2019
I was on 365 last year but my posts became increasingly sporadic as the year progressed. This year I intend to take more photos on my phone as I think it will help me stick to it! Still taking lots of pics of food,of beautiful Devon & my girls (now 10 & 13)! Every now & then I’ve been lucky enough to get a photo on The Popular Page. Even after three years it’s still exciting when this happens!

February 2021
I’m back again! I didn’t complete last year. The pandemic didn’t seem to put me in the best frame of mind for photography. Shame, as I went on enough walks during lockdown! My lovely girls are now 13 & 15. They are coping well with homeschooling as the world tries to get a hold on Coronavirus. Myself and my partner Pete both turn 50 this year, which we are not impressed about! Still running my little cake business in Devon. Still love photography and 365.

You can view my photos which have appeared on the popular page here: