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I started this project on New Years Day 2016 after my sister suggested it. I hope to see it as a fun & creative project rather than a chore!

I've been using a DSLR for about 3 years but I still feel I haven't got a clue what I am doing! I will also be snapping on my iPhone 6. I enjoy capturing my family, coastal images of South West England and food!

March 2016
Joined Ace! Decided to set up a second album for food photography (I love food!) as I am finding that food pics could easily take over my daily project. This way I have a separate area just for culinary delights!

1 January 2017
I am back again for a second year! To be honest, I'd find it hard NOT to take a daily picture now! It has become a bit of an addiction which I thoroughly enjoy. I hope to continue photographing a variety of subjects and improve along the way. I also aim to comment on more pictures this year. In addition to my main project I also hope to post a daily food themed photo. I failed to keep this second album updated last year so I intend to try harder in 2017.

January 2019
I was on 365 last year but my posts became increasingly sporadic as the year progressed. This year I intend to take more photos on my phone as I think it will help me stick to it! Still taking lots of pics of food,of beautiful Devon & my girls (now 10 & 13)! Every now & then I’ve been lucky enough to get a photo on The Popular Page. Even after three years it’s still exciting when this happens!you can view them here: