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I began this project on November 10 of 2020. No significance to this date other than I just decided to start rather than wait for the new year. I have been doing photography since about 2003 but got more serious about it in 2008 when I bought a Nikon D200 for myself as a retirement gift and my wife got me a photography workshop for retirement as well. At that workshop I learned the magic of manual mode and haven't looked back since.

I have the hope that through this project I will improve my photography. In my first 55 days I have already seen that with the need to photograph every day I have expanded my usual type of shots I take and have also been inspired by many of the photographs which I have seen others post.

My true comfort zone has always been landscapes and nature. Those are still my wheelhouse but expanding my repertoire is a goal. Thank you for taking a look at what I post and feel free to give me constructive criticism. I am a big boy and can handle it and will grow from it.