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I love taking pictures, particularly ones I can use in worship. Since beginning the project I have upgraded to a DSLR and am enjoying learning how to do 'proper photography". I like to take pictures of everyday life, not necessary the pretty things! It is not unknown for me to take pictures of piles of rubbish.
I like the pictures to be real - so croping is as far as I go with post processing - so far! I like my project to reflect what is happening in my life, so my pictures are often no pretty or cute, and I may not even upload the 'best' one I have taken that day, but the one that reflects what happened that day. So far I have managed to take and upload a photo on the day it was taken - which explains the randomness of the ones of the very beginning, as I looked through what I had taken, to find a pic for that day!
On the 1st March I started a second project staring Mystery Monk - fun photography with the opportunity to reflect what is happening.