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2023: skipping in and out throughout the year!
2019: Who knows what this year brings. 5th year, although the last few years have been spotty but I do miss using my camera daily and this site provides that motivation to do so. I upgraded my camera last year and still feel unfamiliar with it so hopefully this will help me master it!

2018: I am back after taking a significant break in 2017. I have missed not picking my camera up every day and I want to get back to it. Please feel free to comment and critique.

Year 3: 2017 I was totally taking a break as 2016 came to a close. And yet I'm still here, just couldn't walk away. And I was also afraid my camera would collect dust. I'm hoping for a (sustained) renewed energy and phojo for my project this year! Oddly, what I wrote in 2016 about being more critical of my work, is almost one of the big reasons I stopped posting into 2017. I feel like in the final months of 2016 I was looking for "that spectacular photo" every day! So this year, I'm focusing on having fun with my camera again! Hope you enjoy my project and good luck with yours!!

2016: Year 2! As I look back at my first year, I realize how much I have learned from this project. My "eye" has improved, I am more critical of my work and strive to take technically better produced photos with correct levels and settings. For year 2, I want to work on learning more about photoshop and editing. I want to practice street photography. I hope to enter more challenges. I am still looking for tips and techniques to improve my photography.


2015: I live on the coast of Maine so the ocean will be a constant theme in my work. I enjoy all types of photography but I am most comfortable shooting sports. Portraiture is definitely not my strong suit! But I want to work on that. Therefore feedback, critiques and technique suggestions would be most appreciated on all of my work. I am here to learn!