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Feel free to give comments and suggestions. That's the way we all learn!

My new Sony A7 III is the reason to do a second 365project. In 2012/2013 I already completed one year of this 365project. You can watch the videocompilation with all photos at https://youtu.be/Qc0trpQyLCY

I live in the middle of Holland. Started last century with a semi-automatic film camera Praktica MTL-5B. A boost came when I bought the first consumer DSLR, de Canon EOS 300D, followed by 40D, 60D, 5D mark II. Yesterday I sold my 10 year old 5D and bought a Sony Alpha 7 III.

So see you! And in the meanwhile, you can have a look to my personal photosite www.jaapmeijer.com.