11.07 The king's view by domenicododaro

11.07 The king's view

The throne room in the Norman-Swabian castle in Cosenza. I climbed the pedestal where the throne was placed since the twelfth Century... quite impressive. This is the game of thrones I like better ;-)
The king is distracted by the different lighting sources.
November 10th, 2017  
@yaorenliu I think they placed the lamps where the original posts for torches were... mainly. Thanks for stopping by
November 10th, 2017  
Beautiful lights and shadows. Excellent gocus
November 10th, 2017  
Focus of course
November 10th, 2017  
off with their heads!!!!
November 10th, 2017  
@caterina Thank you, Caterina! Of course...
@summerfield You know an Italian poet from the Middle Age, whose name was Cecco Angiolieri, once wrote a sonnet whose first quatrain read (God, forgive me for the translation in Hendecasyllable in English with ABBA rhymes):
«If I were fire the world I’d set ablaze
If I were wind I would blow it away
If I were king, know which would be my way?
For all I’d order “Now off with their heads!”»
November 10th, 2017  
Grande! Very good translation!
November 10th, 2017  
@domenicododaro - excellent translation, for at some point I've read that particular poem, as you have written it. grande traduzione (as the Italians say). and fortunately for a lot of people, I'm not king nor queen, or their heads would've been rolling. :o
November 10th, 2017  
@caterina lol, thank you!
@summerfield actually my recollection it by heart was mistaken, I cut half of the first quatrain and half of the second. Here’s the full text (again, daringly translated by myself...)

«If I were fire the world I’d set ablaze,
If I were wind I would blow it away,
If I were water flood it straightaway,
If I were God I’d tear it down to raze.

If I were pope I’d have some happy days
As all the Christians I could disarray,
If I were king know which would be my way?
I’d order all “off with those heads of theirs!”

If I were death I’d chase after my father,
If I were life I’d rush away from him.
The very same I’d reserve for my mother.

If I were Chuck, as that’s my patronym,
Girls young and pretty I’d only try to gather
As old and ugly are others’ foolish whim.»

And yes, many people are lucky I’m not the Worlds emperor, lol!
November 10th, 2017  
Love the symmetry and the lighting.
November 11th, 2017  
the arches, light, shadows, your composition --all great! fav
November 12th, 2017  
@wag864 thank you very much!
@lynnz thank you so much!
November 12th, 2017  
Wonderful photo of this great place with great lighting... a good perspective you had :)
November 12th, 2017  
lovely composition
November 13th, 2017  
@kerosene A majestic one! Thank you friend!
@ingrid2101 It was a good vantage point, indeed! Thanks
November 14th, 2017  
Must have been a cool experience looking back down the room.
November 18th, 2017  
@joysabin It was... A jump back in the past!
November 19th, 2017  
@domenicododaro So, you are Nobility?
November 19th, 2017  
@joysabin Oh no, all the contrary! My family name ("Dodaro") derives from the greek "Theodor" - which means "gift of god", a name often given to abandoned infants in orphanages...
November 19th, 2017  
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