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Year 7. Another try. I just can’t leave.

Year 6. Regretfully, year 5 ended very early. I continued lurking every now and then, but substantially unable to participate to the community... which made me feel uncomfortable. So I’m starting very late this sixth year, without knowing and without many expectations on where it will bring. Certainly, I’ll showcase some more film photography.

Year 5. Last year I flew the flag of discontinuity and unreliability on 365… too many (other) things and thoughts. Therefore, I resolved to officially close year 4 in advance, on 31 Dec. 2019.
Thus, today, 1st Jan. 2020, is officially declared the starting day of my fifth year, with many a few good propositions.
This year’s project will be “TLOC" - acronym for Twenty Lenses One Camera.
In order to get along with the Sony, I will spend the whole year with it, interchanging one of my other systems’ lenses every fortnight. As a necessary corollary, no cropping will be admitted - no worries, I will continue to have recourse to all other postproduction tools.
A good commitment on the learning curve and a way to compare on the field the various lenses’ performance.
Let the game start!

Year 4. After finishing the third with a glorious series of PPs and TPs I stumbled again in an excess of annoying issues such as work and life organization... I can't promise I will be assiduous for the coming year, and as a matter of fact I did not even start on the right day, but... it's addicting.

Year 3. Started on 18 January, 2018. I am happy to be here for another round. I love this community... well, because it's a community! And I love being a part and having got to meet some wonderful people. Look forward to what (and where) the coming year will be bringing.

Year 2 update. Not that much to update. Just a note: to have company when exploring makes the explorer happy!

Year 1. As a boy, I used to dream that when I grew up I would be an explorer. I ended up becoming a lawyer - and a passionate amateur painter, author, saxophone player, photographer... Only after becoming a father I understood that my life has been all about pursuing that childhood's dream. I live in Rome, Italy.