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Year 4: After finishing the third with a glorious series of PPs and TPs I stumbled again in an excess of annoying issues such as work and life organization... I can't promise I will be assiduous for the coming year, and as a matter of fact I did not even start on the right day, but... it's addicting.

Year 3: Started on 18 January, 2018. I am happy to be here for another round. I love this community... well, because it's a community! And I love being a part and having got to meet some wonderful people. Look forward to what (and where) the coming year will be bringing.

Year 2 update. Not that much to update. Just a note: to have company when exploring makes the explorer happy!

As a boy, I used to dream that when I grew up I would be an explorer. I ended up becoming a lawyer - and a passionate amateur painter, author, saxophone player, photographer... Only after becoming a father I understood that my life has been all about pursuing that childhood's dream. I live in Rome, Italy.