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July 2022 Update: I haven't been active on 365 for quite a while ...I got busy with other activities, my camera started acting up and I got tired of lugging it around, and because of covid restrictions I wasn't able to get out much to find new subjects to photograph.

However, life has returned pretty much back to "normal," and I now have a new phone (S22 Ultra) and am enjoying playing around with its camera. While it is nowhere near on par with my nikon, it is a good camera for those everyday moments that I would like to celebrate.

Hopefully I will be able to get back into the habit of sharing my photos here, and enjoy seeing my project develop again!

January 1, 2015: My name is Dinah; I live in north Alabama, USA.

In 2014 I participated in the 100 Happy Days Project; I enjoyed using each of these photos as a "memorial stone" to help me remember all of the good things in my life. When that project ended, I defaulted to just mindlessly snapping photos again ...mostly birding observations for my reports to eBird. I joined 365 to have a photo diary; I found it to be a wonderful place for that as well as a welcoming community.

UPDATE January 1, 2016: My first year of 365 is now complete! I found this to be a welcoming, encouraging community. Even though I went through Year 1 with a Free account, no one treated me as any lesser than the ACE members. I am beginning my 2nd year here - this time as an ACE member ...I am very much looking forward to this continuing adventure!

UPDATE Jan 2017: Wow ...Beginning my 3rd here at 365!

UPDATE Jan 2018: I am beginning my 4th year here at 365Project!

UPDATE Jan 2019: Beginning my 5th year at 365! I struggled to keep up with posting last year, but hope to start and remain strong this year!

Note: Although Popular Page and Trending are more a testament to the generous comments and favs of my wonderful friends on 365 than my own abilities, this is the link to my pics that have made the PP for anyone who would care to check them out: https://alexisbirkill.com/365project/popularpage/getuserdetails.php?username=dsp2