Um .... by edpartridge

Um ....

No ... It's gone.
Faving this because it's frickin' funny.
April 27th, 2011  
Made me laugh
April 27th, 2011  
were you bored today? lol
April 27th, 2011  
Haha. Masticate x 50.
April 28th, 2011  
Oh wow. I like this.. lol!!!

@eyebrows see?? You *are* a teddy bear. It's written on a post-it therefore it must be true.
April 28th, 2011  
Hahaha, fame! Ok @katiegc24 I guess there's no arguing it now ._.

Standout amusements: "do not read this", "5th november"; and curiously enough I breathed out when I read the "breathe in" one, and t'other way for t'other one - am I cursed, now?
April 28th, 2011  
I like "Ross *is* real" and "Don't eat yellow snow".

@eyebrows Yes, you are cursed. Don't ever come near me ever again. I don't want your curse. In fact, I think you should move to Africa and take your curse with you. NOW.
April 28th, 2011  
HAHAHAHAHA brilliant!
May 2nd, 2011  
real? was their a doubt?
May 4th, 2011  
@Scrivna *Looks to the left* No ... No doubt at all ...
May 5th, 2011  
5th November cracked me up :D love this!
May 5th, 2011  
So, I think I was on vacation when you did this! Can't believe I missed it. Hilarious!
May 9th, 2011  
This is awesome.
I love the 42 on there too....
May 27th, 2011  
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