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Hi! I pop in and post ever once and a while. My boys are still my favorite subjects. They are 7 and 5 now. When I started this project, my oldest just turned 1 and the little one wasn't even born! I have documented much of their growth over the years on here while honing my photography skills.

Year 4:
WARNING! I take and post a lot of photos of my boys. M is 4. L is 2. They are amazing and crazy and active and a lot of fun and make great photo subjects. Now in year four, I feel like I am really starting to find my style. I love wide aperture and high contrast black and white. I try to pull out my camera every day, but I want the project to be fun and don't want it to be something I have to do. Therefore, if I don't feel like it, I take diary shots on my iPhone. I hope you follow along on our crazy family adventure!

Years 1-3:
I originally started this project because I wanted to take better photos and figure out full manual mode on my camera. However, as I got into the project, I realized that it was more about documenting a year in my family’s life with the added bonus of improving my photography and editing skills. Now as I choose my photo every day, I ask myself the question, what do I want to remember about this day? This does not always lead me to the best photo, but I believe that it will lead me to the fondest memory.