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Year 7 on this adventure! I’m especially appreciative of the community found here! I am inspired by everyone; learning from so many. Your shares make me think about what I am seeing... why I like it! What is it I find appealing and then learning from it (not to mention glimpsing life as it is in your spot on the globe). I've made so many friends and have seen so much of the world through your eyes / lenses! Far more commonalities that unite us! This continues to be a place of hope, solace, joy and calm! Thank you for everything you add to my life; I can only hope to return the favor in even the smallest of ways!

I live on the central coast of California (Pismo Beach). Have loved photography since I was a kid, getting my first camera in the mail when I was 9 - a cheapie that a kid could afford, ordered from the back of a magazine. When I was 10, for Christmas, my grandmother gave me my first "real" camera - a Kodak! :-)
I remember developing film and processing prints in the darkroom in high school and in college... magical and though it’s changed, it's still magical!
Happy adventuring and shooting everyone!

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