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Well, I've finished my initial 365 Project, shooting daily self-portraits for 365 days. A few months before the end I fell behind in getting my photos uploaded, and toward the end I started another long-term photographic project, Project 52, which is a year-long commercial photography course, which cut into my time and attention to a large degree.

And I have to agree with Aaron Nace, who said you'll be quite sick of seeing your own mug before the year is over! heheh, so true :) I'd say the last 3-weeks, I just didn't bother shooting. So I almost made the full year; let's call it 11-months ;)

So now I am adjusting the goals as I continue, from a required daily shot, to shots of decent quality worth posting. So I anticipate making few posts, but I hope the quality of those which are made are higher :)


This is my 365 Self Portrait Project. The goal is extremely simple: make one self portrait for 365 consecutive days. Everything else is a variable ;)

Aaron Nace (Phlearn) mentioned this idea on one of his YouTube videos, and how doing a year of self portraits really made a positive impact upon his work (in his case, he did a lot of PhotoShop processing too). So that's what got me started.

I'm beginning to appreciate his observation that after looking at your own mug for 365 days you get kinda sick of seeing it! heheh, yes, it is true :) But it also lets me play with a given light set up until the photos start all looking the same to me, and then I can introduce another variable. I do like that, and it is a nice way to play with a new piece of equipment, because the variables are so controllable and so familiar.

I enjoy playing with the light, and this seems to be a useful way to introduce elements at a controlled pace, yet offers enough 'push' that I don't let the project fall too far behind. I suspect we all know how missing one day of taking a photo becomes a dirty snowball ;)

I welcome constructive criticism, and if you have any questions about a given photo, ask and I'll try to answer, as best I am able, subject to the vulgarities of my memory ;)