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We are Five plus Two: 7 selves, 7 days, 7 self-portraits 7 ways... we have a new theme every week and hope you join in!

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Kali @kali66
Adi @adi314
Vikki @summerfield
Monika @monikozi
Manon @sporenmaken
Saxa @overalvandaan
Eugene Frenkel @thholyhorse
Jackie @30pics4jackiesdiamond
Billy @swillinbillyflynn

Kali @kali66 I am from New Zealand. I took up artistic photography when my kids stopped being cute and started putting their hands in front of their faces when they saw the camera. Self portraits seem to fit the bill when i have a concept leap into my head and take form demanding to be made, and the themes of 5+2 really get that thinking happening so I'm loving it.

Adi @adi314 I live in Canada but I'm originally from South America, I've have always like photography but it has only been the last 3 years that I took it more seriously. I was never comfortable with selfies but this year I got a bit brave and 5+2 challenges have made me way more relaxed in front of the camera.

Summerfield @summerfield would've been a lawyer, would've married rich, would've had children, but each time she came to her senses and went in pursuit of other things that defied cultural convention. She's had an on/off affair with photography for so long including 9 years now on 365 she's wondering when photography will come to its senses. She's been taking selfies and a five plus two participant since the group's inception and that's probably how she's lost all her senses.

Monika @monikozi I'm a unicorn enjoying taking selfies, because in a selfie no one can really tell how silly you are or if you only pretend. So I can be myself.

Manon @sporenmaken I love photography, always have, but lost my mojo a bit. Looking for some playfulness and inspiration I joined 365project in november '21. Due to the pandemic I was confined by some serious quarantaine rules, so using myself as a model was a sensible thing to do. These pictures resonated with this funlovingnottakingthemselvestoseriously-bunch. And it has been great fun to join in! Hope you do to...

Saxa @overalvandaan I'm from the Netherlands, but moved to Wales, UK in my mid thirties to live with my partner who was then caring for his mum. We have three children and they are the reason that I bought a DSLR so I could take lots of pictures of them. I got active on 365 in 2014, when I did a photo a day without missing one day. In that year I also found this creative group and have been a fan ever since!

Eugene Frenkel @thholyhorse

Mike @mikegifford Member of 365 since 2011, and have captured images for many years. I live in the East Bay of the San Francisco Bay Area, educated at UC Berkeley, successful serial entrepreneur, now working as a consultant and improving my photography / editing skills, and trying to ride my road bicycle as often as I can. I’m excited about being a part of this group, and I hope everyone benefits from participating in our weekly themes!

Domenico @domenicododaro I have been living in Rome, Italy, for more than thirty years. That's 3/5 of my time, overall. I've been seriously playing with a camera since I was a teenager, and among the many other games I discovered in growing up, taking pictures (and sometimes compulsively buying photographic gear) has always been one of my favorites. I developed an interest for self portraits only after starting my 365project this year (2016) and starting following Fiveplustwo (almost never taken one before), so being invited to be a member of this group sounds like making an enviable career!

Jackie @30pics4jackiesdiamond Hadn't heard of selfies until started 365, never taken a self portrait until my 366th photo here. Stalked 5+2 for a while and then invited myself into the gang. I'm a quiet, retiring English rose (well actually I'm a quite loud, retired English wild flower!)

Billy @swillinbillyflynn I am a pirate, a musician, a Singer, a songwriter and I take the odd photo (odd being the operative word). I live in the beautiful Dutchy or Cornwall (near England) with my goodly pirate wench @cutekitty. I've been on 365 for over 7 years now and have regularly joined in with 5+2 over the years. So when I was invited to join the crew, I couldn't resist.

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