Forced perspective photo by franbalsera

Forced perspective photo

This is the Get pushed challenge for this week. @fbailey suggested a forced perspective photo
Hi @fbailey. As I'm very busy at work this week, I have revived this old photo with the Atomium, the symbol of Brussels. This is my forced perspective photo. Regards.
June 8th, 2023  
@franbalsera Well done, challenge met!
June 8th, 2023  
Nice. Did someone else take the photo for you? I am guessing they must have, otherwise it would have been tricky getting your hands in the right place.
June 8th, 2023  
Well done
June 8th, 2023  
@dkbarnett of course, my partner took the photo.
June 8th, 2023  
Nice one for your challenge. Reminds me of the Statue of Liberty who wears a crown of stars.
June 8th, 2023  
@randystreat I love New York. I visited the big city in 2009.
June 10th, 2023  
Well done!
June 11th, 2023  
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