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Thanks for taking the time to view my photos. Your kind comments, friendships and Favs are much appreciated and inspiring to me. This project helps to keep me motivated and on the hunt for the next photo opportunity! Kindness, gratitude and appreciation.

I am Cathee, California born and raised. I deeply care about all animals but especially horses, dogs and my first kitty, which found her way into my heart, March 2016. Animals are our guardians and a treasure to have in our lives. I also like the beach, sunsets, clouds, flowers and travel. There is much in this world to explore!

I think of 365 as another form of a gratitude journal as it has made me more aware of all the beauty in every day life and in nature. If you take the time to slow down and look, it is amazing what you will see with wonder. I use my iPhone 12 Pro Plus as my camera.

"See the World...Come Home for Love."