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Keroro (ケロロ Keroro?) is a fictional manga and anime character and the main protagonist of Mine Yoshizaki's Sgt. Frog series.

Keroro is a gunso sergeant of Planet Keron's Army, and the commander of the Keroro Platoon.
According to Earth's Gregorian calendar, Keroro's birthday is December 9. His blood type is O. Watanabe, Keroro's seiyū, has stated that she played Keroro as someone who was about 45 years old. Keroro described himself to be a child when Nintendo started selling the Game & Watch systems. Since Keroro knew Angol Mois since she was supposedly "little", Keroro is at least more than 500 years old.
Keroro's name comes from the Japanese onomatopoeia for the sound a frog makes ("kerokero").

Physical appearance:

Keroro's body is green, accompanied with a yellow headgear with a red star in the middle (a yellow star is also seen on Keroro's stomach). According to Lieutenant Garuru, the star is the symbol of the Keron Force as well as its commanding officers. The star itself has the ability to lend it's dignity to the wearer. However, since Keroro lacks character, the effect is nullified while he wears it. When Keroro is met with an explosion, he suddenly grows a large black afro as a running gag reference to "Afro Gunsou", the anime's first ending theme song.


Despite his role as leader, Keroro can be lazy and cowardly at times. He can be extremely selfish, sometimes sacrificing his friends wellbeing for his own safety. Keroro constantly schemes plans to siphon money from the people of earth to either fuel his invasion schemes, or to buy more Gundam models. However, he values his friendship with Fuyuki, reminding himself of his promise to him of not to invade the Earth everytime he thinks about it.


Keroro's hobbies include manga/television (his favorite being "Captain Geroro") and internet surfing, but is especially enthusiastic about the creation and compilation of Gunpla (Gundam plastic models), possessing numerous models in his room. In addition, whenever Keroro sees a banana peel on the ground, Keroro steps on it without fail, as it is apparently his devout wish to entertain the masses. Keroro also enjoys tormenting and playing pranks on Giroro and Natsumi. As seen in an episode where he doodles on Natsumi's face and he pours chilli sauce in his nose.


Long ago on Planet Keron, Giroro, Pururu, and Dororo were childhood friends of Keroro. Keroro had a "Go to the place where one is told not to go, and enter the place where one is told not to enter" way of life, which often led the four friends on numerous, often dangerous, adventures. Inspired by his Father, famed war veteran, Keroro had his sights toward becoming a soldier. He would often wear a fake Keron Star on his chest, hopeful of achieving the rank of captain. Sometime between his time on Keron and on earth, he met Kururu and Tamama and formed the Keroro Platoon.

Life on Earth:

Upon arriving on earth, the Keroro Platoon somehow got separated. Keroro lurked in the Hinata household until he was discovered by Natsumi and Fuyuki, after which he was captured. With the Kero Ball, his weapon, taken from him by Fuyuki and his army having abandoned him, Keroro easily surrendered. The freeloader (formerly a prisoner of war) becomes troublesome for the Hinata Family. Each time he is found guilty of something, Natsumi physically abuses him to no end. But now, through being the housekeeper of the Hinata household, Keroro has become familiar to living an adventurous life on Earth. Keroro remains a love and hate relationship with the family members, the hate with Natsumi and the love with Fuyuki and Aki Hinata.


Because of his everyday life as the house cleaner in the Hinata household, Keroro is an exceptional cleaner and curler.
Though Keroro often displays no combat prowess whatsoever, he was responsible for the scar across Giroro's eye.

If Keroro is exposed to an environment with high humidity, he will slip into a state of mind where he is his former self from "Back Then". During which, he will actually act as a more competent captain, issuing Natsumi's restrain and going forth with the invasion of earth. He also gains the ability to throw Keropa enregy balls in this form. While in this state, Keroro is more powerful than any of his subordinates, as it is implied that sometime in the past (presumably "Back Then") he was an exceptional soldier. The only thing that can free him from this mania is an attack by a Nyororo or being scared straight by Fuyuki's anger.
Keroro is also an excellent pilot with mechs, shown when he and his squad face and defeat the rampaging Shurara's mutated helmet, which had by then consumed Shurara.


According to the anime, Keroro's biggest fear is his own father. Furthermore, Keroro has a pathological need to slip on any banana peel laid out in front of him. Whenever Fuyuki says the word 'friend', Keroro becomes consumed with feelings of guilt. In addition, he dislikes capsicums. Keroro is also a drooling otaku for all things Gunpla, which is by far his biggest weakness.


Keroro gets along well with Fuyuki, unlike with Natsumi who considers the invaders a nuisance. Keroro is the son of the famously powerful Demon Sergeant. He is idolized by Tamama who has a type of possessive affection for him while Angol Mois has a more mutual affection, though Keroro doesn't realize Mois' attempts to get closer.Giroro thinks Keroro wasn't cut out to be leader. Another of Keroro's closest friends is Aki Hinata who, though she at first considered the invaders as just an idea for a new manga, now considers them as part of her family. He is childhood friends of Giroro and Dororo (formerly Zeroro), though he seemed to abuse and take advantage of Dororo at every turn through their early years. He is also in love with Pururu.

Speech mannerisms:

Keroro mostly speaks in the first person. In his more high-strung moments, he speaks with a Kumamoto tone.
Keroro usually ends his sentences with 'de arimasu', which roughly translates to 'sir yes sir' and is a standard military sentence ending.
Whenever Keroro is scheming, he emits a raspy "Ge~ro gero gero...". Lastly, whenever he speaks English words, such as 'radio' or 'no problem', he rolls any R's in it.
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