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I have been posting images on 365 since 2012 and its amazing to me that it has been that long. There have been times when I tried other similar groups, but none compared to the camaraderie that I experience here on 365. The wide range of experience showcased is great to see, and I enjoy being able to communicate with other shooters, from all over the world. What a privilege, to be able to get acquainted with others through an activity you both love, to share and grow together.

So as of 12/1/23, I have officially retired from work, and continue to be a happily married guy with a ready smile, a good sense of humor, five grand-kids, living in Gahanna, Ohio (a northeast suburb of Columbus, Ohio). I turned 70 in 2023, the same year I decided to all but reture from doing art shows outside of my own community, which I had been doing since 2012. getting too old to be hauling all of that stuff around in my condition.

I think about shooting images practically all the time. I love to watch the light change during the day, and often long to be outside to get that certain shot that seems to always elude me. Nature and available light images seem to be my favorite subject content, but I really am becoming more interested in the challenges of Street Photography, occasional Portrait Photography.

So, I look forward to getting my share of frank and open critiques and hopefully a little praise for my images over the coming year, so don't hold back ... let me know what you think!

If anyone would like to get in contact with me directly for insight, advice, critique, my email is: gshearron@gmail.com

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