terminus (final) by graemestevens

terminus (final)

Oh... i wish i were a writer to write a novel with the title Terminus.
Excellent series!
October 6th, 2021  
You decided to splurge and spring for the grand tour, eh?
October 6th, 2021  
Been going back a few shots and can see the story. Terminus is different from terminal, though!
October 6th, 2021  
@maggiemae Yes, I’m aware of that. From an actual dictionary with pages and all that, because contrary to popular opinion I’m actually educated:

1. The end of a railway or other transport route, or a station at such a point.
2. A final point in space or time; an end or extremity.

I could always change the title if you insist. Or not, because based on the definition alone the title works with the images.

@mcsiegle It would been rude not to…they seemed to be in need of the funds
@monikozi Thanks very much :)
October 6th, 2021  
Lovely series. So kiwi.
October 6th, 2021  
Love the old car on the right!
October 6th, 2021  
Cool scene, the gray sky suits everything well I think
October 6th, 2021  
They used to be beauties :)
October 6th, 2021  
I'm sure, that after I post this comment, my mind will figure out why I have a brain f**t at this moment. How does this photo relate to the previous two images? Orientation, buildings, catenary, power lines don't match, at least in my mind, especially on a Wednesday morning.

Am I am sure not going to ask which car is yours.
October 6th, 2021  
@byrdlip I like a good brain-fart. To my mind they all relate as they’re all dead ends…end of the journey. The old deserted railway station and the old deserted cars. All related to journeys that have reached their end…and the cars are actually directly over the road from the railway station…so something certainly ended in the area!
They could do with a good polish…
@swchappell Thanks very much :)
@lyndamcg My favourite as well - sadly I couldn’t get any closer without being shot at…
@carolinesdreams Thanks very much - just needed the onion dip ;)
October 6th, 2021  
October 6th, 2021  
@byrdlip I haven’t heard that for a while…
October 6th, 2021  
So that's what it looks like, hmmmmm
October 15th, 2021  
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