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I live on the Sunshine Coast in Ql'd with my husband & we really enjoy living here.
We have 3 adult children and 5 Grand Children
I have never been a good photographer & hoped this project would help me.
I am so pleased I did this as I am always looking for a photo opportunity & always carry my camera with me now & see 'things' with a view to a photo. GREAT!!

I have just finished my 1st year & what a learning year it has been. I have made many new friends all over the world & exchanged comments & stories etc. I am so looking forward to my 2nd year!!

Must update.....I am coming to the end of my 3rd year with 365. My photography has so improved & I "see" everything in such a different way. Not just shooting a photo as such, but, framing, angle & lighting & much more. Receiving Favs. & my photos appearing on PP & TP are a thrill & the great comments & questions from other 365's make my day.....