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I finished my 365 project in March of 2011. I am sticking around in reduced format for a while as I really like all you 365ers! My plan is to post at least one new photo a week, as well as whatever I am working on editing wise for the day.

I am a young American scientist scientist (just turned 30-gulp!) who is living in Aachen Germany for a few years with my wonderful wife while I work as a research scientist at the RWTH Aachen.

I am from a speck on the map town in upstate NY. I love biking and I also love to travel. My love of travel coupled with my current location has really made my photography hobby bloom. I am relatively new to it all, having bought my first SLR in 2007. Although I have taken about 40k photos per year the last two years and am getting better I think. I have never had any formal training but am enjoying learning the ropes on my own.

I am at the point when I am seeking out feedback to try and take my photography to the next level (or at least learn some new ways to look at things) I would LOVE and WELCOME feedback, even if it is not positive! I try to comment on all the pictures I like, and would really appriciate your opinions as well.

Since March 2012 I moved to Golden Colorado, a great place to live and work. I now have a real-world full-time job as a scientist, as well as the demands of being a homeowner (on a place that needs lots of work) and a new dad. My activity on this site has really reduced since my move back to the states, but my 365 project is one of my finest memories from my time in Aachen, I hope to continue to post a picture or two here and there.

I am happy to talk about photography or even travelling in Europe if you have some questions/tips. Feel free to shoot me an email at sharveyphd@gmail.com.