LuxNog by humphreyhippo


Further adventures in trying to learn LuxCoreRender.

Couldn't get the egg nog shader to look quite how I wanted (still too dark in the centre), but I'm out of time.

Happy Christmas. :)

Edit: I've re-rendered this because I realised something was a bit off with the second glass. Once I'd noticed the 'egg nog' had been accidentally moved upwards, I couldn't unsee it & it was driving me nuts. Have also tried to make it more yellow following Northy's suggestion in the comments. It's still too dark & the cinnamon sprinkles still aren't rendering through...
ok - you had me fooled badly this time... when the image first popped on my screen my first thought was that it was a real photo from someone else... but then i noticed there was no cinnamon sprinkled on top...🙃

that said... the reflections in the jug and the dof of the tree are stellar!

ps - i'm pretty sure our eggnog is more yellow than white... but then, i don't like it very much and it's been years since i've actually seen any...
December 24th, 2020  
@northy Ha! I did try add some sprinkles on top but they never seemed to render. LuxCoreRender is a bit weird. One of the things I’m struggling with is the colours of the volume shaders in the final render never quite align with the preview. This was the closest I got - the other goes either looked like double cream or yellow paint. ;)

I can’t abide the stuff myself. ;)
December 24th, 2020  
Never have the slightest clue how you make these amazing images - but absolutely love it. Merry Christmas, to you.
December 24th, 2020  
Looks fine. Merry Christmas.
December 25th, 2020  
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