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Currently on a break after a decade of 365.

**Woefully bad at commenting :(**

A picture-a-day rather than a photo-a-day project, which probably came to a close at the end of 2021 after completing the decade. We'll see...

And I still have no idea what I'm doing...

[2019 Update - Most of my calendars are now locked due to picture-scraping sites. :( ]

For 2017, my plan was to try get reasonably competent at Blender 3D rendering instead of just taking the same photos over and over. For 2018 and beyond, my plan is to continue along this trajectory - including posting 3D work-in-progress images as the projects get more complex. There'll also be the odd sketch and maybe some concept art.

Blender: https://www.blender.org/
Nomad: https://nomadsculpt.com/

Woefully rubbish at commenting (sorry).
I often post as restricted so my pics don't clutter up people's feeds. It doesn't seem fair to push shots when I don't currently have the time to reciprocate views and comments. This seems a good compromise for me as the alternative is to stop altogether.
I do eventually unlock shots, so my public calendar is about a day or two behind.

Completed a strict one-a-day 365 project in 2012 and less strict in 2013 - 2021.

My 2021 365 project starts here:

My 2020 365 project starts here:

My 2019 365 project starts here:

My 2018 365 project starts here:

My 2017 365 project starts here:

My 2016 365 project starts here:

My 2015 365 project starts here:

My 2014 365 project starts here:

My 2013 365 project starts here:

My complete 2012 365 project is here:
My strict rules for 2012 were:
- shoot, process and post a shot every day on that day (internet connection permitting)
- try not to do the same subject/type of shot on two consecutive days

My original profile notes were:
"Attempting a 365 to keep me taking photographs after returning to photography in 2011. While I hope this project will encourage me to keep trying new things, I'm expecting this to become more of a documentary, than an artistic, project. We shall see... :)" I was wrong. ;)

You can also find me elsewhere on the interwebs here:

I've also upload the textures I've been making to DeviantArt:
Feel free to help yourself if you like them. :)

My *cough* self-portraits are here: ;)

'The OH' = my other half, aka @haytor ;)