Tower Defence - Play Test of CG Cookie's 'Portalethium' Tower Defence Game

I've spent this bank holiday weekend working through a new CG Cookie Unity game course - this time for a Tower Defence game.
This is a screen recording of a play test on uber-hard level. The original 'balanced' play test was 40 mins & 2.7GB so I made an even more vicious bomber tank that blew up everything in range and that seemed to fix it. ;)

I still don't expect anyone to watch it but I'm still posting for posterity. ;)
YouTube has dulled the colours, but I'm not going to try fix it today.

Quite pleased with the extra features I added to this one.
I added:
- the ability to sell back a turret, including displaying the sell back price (an outrageous 50% off the purchase price) and bell sound effect.
- a new flying enemy which randomly selected one of two routes (both of which are different to the original route).
- the concept of 'bomber Tanks' - you kill them, they kill you. ;)
- delayed return of placement tiles for exploded turrets (which involved learning C# lists - eek!)
- Game Pause
- Level Restart
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