"cheese" Said Wallace by huvesaker

"cheese" Said Wallace

Look at all that cheese...Wallace and bromit would be in heaven!
This is a Deli in Aberystwyth which has a restaurant at the back. This is where we ate dinner, very nice and I tried something new...air dried tuna...really really delicious!
Been a hard week with crying, little thing have started us off. A coat, a hat, a memory of our youth. A photograph from last summer, a bedroom, favourite foods, fairy lights... good to cry, good to remember. It is going to be hard to leave on Thursday.

On the plus side, today we went shopping and I bought things for myself! I NEVER buy for myself, but I bought some new walking boots...my old ones are really comfy but alas they have come to an age where they do not do their job as well anymore. I even bought a couple of reading books to base some lessons on when I get back home.
I am missing my chlldren and hubby. But I think being away from them will be good for them...hahaha I hope!

Thought of the day:
There is so much new out there in the world, don't be afraid to try some of it.
You seem to be having a memorable time. Hope there were many friends there too! Goodness - all those cheeses, I'm so envious!
January 15th, 2020  
Amazing cheeses
January 15th, 2020  
January 15th, 2020  
You will be so appreciated when you get home Boo....you will be spoilt fir a couple of days then all back to normal no doubt!
This is a fabulous cheese shop.....glad you have treated yourself to very necessary things. All sounds a bit emotional but good to reminisce with love.
January 15th, 2020  
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