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Enjoy the day

Such a wonderfully cold and crispy day today so there was only one thing to do with it... go for a walk! Little Hoo came with me and a friend of mine. It was lovely.
The Tomato was at a one day training camp in Gotenburg so didn't see him all day and Mr. Boo was doing the economy for the wrestling club, haven't seen him all day either!
I am a little behind with my 1000 mile walking challenge, shall have to attempt a few long walks. Hoping my ankle holds out for longer walks...oh well, no pain, no gain!
Going back to work tomorrow...not sure if I am looking forward to it or not.

Thought of the day:
Life, like a forest walk, can trip you up. Keep your eyes open and stay alert...you know you can do it!
Fantastic light
January 19th, 2020  
Oh this is so nice..the light and the shadows and the height. .I started some walking ..not as much as you though..but it's a start
January 19th, 2020  
Great shot Boo!
January 19th, 2020  
A beautiful day you had...ours was lovely but not as nice as this! Real walking weather! I should do more walking, I’ve really got out of the habit....too much sitting!
January 19th, 2020  
@christophercox it was a long time ago we had such nice light!
@brennieb thank you! I need to do more walking if I am going to make the 1000 miles though. Come on over, we can walk together!
@jacqbb thank you!
@happypat I love walking but wish I could walk farther than I do....but babysteps...I will be able to do longer walks if I push myself a little more each week...hahaha
January 19th, 2020  
Stunning and powerful.
January 19th, 2020  
@shilohmom it felt very powerful to see it
January 19th, 2020  
You've caught the essence of the day.
January 19th, 2020  
looks a beautiful day and that road is so inviting. A beautiful capture.
January 20th, 2020  
Quite the must there! Lovely!
January 20th, 2020  
Lovely shot
January 20th, 2020  
Beautiful! So sorry we didn't get to meet up. Thinking of you. X
January 22nd, 2020  
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