Fallen Birch and Boo by huvesaker

Fallen Birch and Boo

Borrowed Lakrits again today, he was very happy going on a walk. Then this.... That moment when you are very happy that you are a wrestling trainer and you know how to do a roly poly. Yes, I walked right into a fallen tree that was over the pathway, did a roly poly and carried on walking...but OUCH that hurts! Going to have a huge bruise tomorrow, have a little gash this evening. And what did the dog do? Nothing, absolutly NOTHING...did a wee and then pulled on his lead...hahahaha...thanks Lakrits!

Thought of the day:
Expect the unexpected...lol Could be a tree!
Well no wonder Boo it’s dark! Very easy to trip up & fall over in the dark! Ungrateful Lakrits.....he is a lucky boy & he could have given you a loving lick!!
February 12th, 2020  
Oops, careful in the dark Boo!
February 12th, 2020  
Sorry about the roly poly. ! Hope you not too sore and bruised.. ouch
February 12th, 2020  
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