Mmm yum! by huvesaker

Mmm yum!


A busy day at work, a colleague needed to be home and won't be back this week so a few extra lessons for me this week. BUT, my English lesson with year two was outside..I decided they could make pancakes. They had to follow my instructions by listening and then they were able to eat the results. They LOVED the lesson...not as messy as I thought it would be, thank goodness and a couple of the children hadn't had any breakfast so I did something today I have never done before... grilling pancakes outside at school at 8am...hahahahahahaha...actually all I did was keep an eye on them so they didn't burn themselves and then tidy up after them.

At home, hubby got one of the axes out to tackle the pile of branches from the weekends work. Good job as well... we will make firewood from it and have it next to our "street grill place"...we made a little park and everyone may use it.

I learnt something new today as well...I learnt that you can eat Hostas! Took out the knife, found some lovely shoots, fried them in butter and they are really really good! Going to be hard not to eat them all now...hahaha shall have to ask friends if they have any shoots I can eat....or is that wierd? Probably.

Ooh, other exciting news... I have arranged for the science centre to come to school next week and "fish" creatures and insects and stuff out of the river with all the children at school. A science day for everyone. Well...bare with I took a phonecall from the County radio station who want to come to the school when the science centre are with us and make a report on it! They want to talk to some of the children about what they see exciting is that! Our little school seems to be becoming famous... Now I just have to get them on the TV somehow hahahahahahaha

Thought of the day:

Have a great evening, be kind to yourself and to others and look at the little things around you...we really do live in a rather wonderful world. Lots of love, me xxxxx
Great story! Wonderful photos as well!
May 26th, 2020  
Your day sounds tremendous & your enthusiasm infectious .....pancakes for breakfast will be talked about for a good while I expect! Now you are a radio star...why am i not surprised?
May 26th, 2020  
I love reading your "journals"! Marvelous news about all the plans for the school children! Hostas? In Nova Scotia, the deer come into the yard and eat mine...everyone says they love them, so there's something to what you're saying!
May 26th, 2020  
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