Reyna ng Aliwan 2018 - Zamboanga La Hermosa Festival by iamdencio

Reyna ng Aliwan 2018 - Zamboanga La Hermosa Festival

Reyna ng Aliwan 2018 Candidate - Bianca Iraham, Zamboanga La Hermosa Festival.

Zamboanga La Hermosa Festival, popularly known as Fiesta Pilar, is a month-long Festival held each year in the city of Zamboanga, it is to give honor to the miraculous image of Our Lady of Pilar (Spanish and Chavacano: Nuestra Senora La Virgen del Pilar).

History tells us how Senora del pilar continuously touches the lives of Zamboangueño it is because of one miraculous event where-in, in the middle of a phenomenal disaster in which the city was about to be hit by tsunami, Lady Pilar was seen in the heart of the city which is in the center of the fort trying to stop the water from coming.

The costume was designed imagining the image of the patron itself, calm, simple yet elegant. The design was touched with modern embellishments so it matches to a modern Filipina. The back drop was colored gold to add glamour and sophistication, the cross symbolizes how traditional and religious modem Zamboangueño are. (Text from Aliwan Fiesta FB Page)
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