They seek him here, they seek him there by inthecloud5

They seek him here, they seek him there

Saw lots of wildflowers on our walk today, took photos of them and then tried to identify the ones I didn't know. I found this one is called scarlet pimpernel, latin name anagallis arvensis.

A famous character in English literature, the Scarlet Pimpernel rescues aristocrats from the guillotine and gets his name from his habit of leaving a card with a picture of the red flower at the scene of his adventures.

I was particularly interested to read that the plant is one of the UK's few native arable weeds. Also, it has an alternative name - poor man’s weather glass - because it closes its flowers in dull weather. This could explain why I've never photographed them before!

Thanks for all your comments and favs on recent images, I really appreciate each and every one.
Very nice
June 5th, 2017  
Lovely find - and a little bit of learning too :) I loved the Scarlet Pimpernel (the books I mean) - love a good adventure story!
June 5th, 2017  
Beautiful and so tiny. We used to have them in the lawn at one of our houses when we lived in the UK.
June 6th, 2017  
They are a beautiful flower.
June 6th, 2017  
Lovely shot, light
June 6th, 2017  
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