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6th January 2013

Finished my 365/366 a few days ago, 2012 was a leap year, and managed to go the whole year without putting anything in this bit. Now that I'm done with no real plan to carry on, although I still seem to be limping on into 2013, and it doesn't really matter I'll add a wee bit about me.

Live near Glasgow in the West of Scotland, pushing fifty and despite some confusion on this site I'm not a woman.

Here's how my year went:

First three months, when I was at work during the day and it wasn't light in the evenings... I'll never get this done.
Next six months, when the nights were light... I might be able to do this but I'm spending way too much time on it.
Final three months, the light nights have gone again... will this never end.

I added some rules as I went along:

In the beginning take a picture every day, anything would do.
After a few weeks I had a load of pictures all different shapes and sizes and that annoyed me so everything was going to have to be the same shape and that shape would match the proportions of the original frame if I was cropping at all.
Around the end of March the no cropping rule came in because I'm lazy and it's relatively easy to salvage poor composition. This stayed in place until about September when I changed it a bit to accommodate my inability to compose a full frame horizontal photo. I still had to use the full height or width of the frame but could crop either to a square or a 2:1 format. I like the slightly panoramic look of 2:1 and it's relatively easy to compose for it in camera.

Most of the time I used a Nikon D3100 with either a 70-300mm or slightly broken 18-70mm zoom lens. There were a couple of others and quite a few shots from my phone too.

I also managed to make it through the year without ranting about bokeh, it's almost happening now but I'm managing to suppress it :)