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Most of my earlier profile is still true. My 'boys' are now 23 and 20, and are both studying at Leeds University. I still have mostly the same kinds of animals, although some have left us and others have joined us. No cats any more, but we do now keep a few sheep. I now use a Canon 5D mark III.

Earlier profile:

I live in a small village on the edge of the Cotswolds in the centre of England with my husband and 14 and 17 year old sons. We have lots of animals (dogs, cat, donkeys, goats, chickens and pigs), most of which are rescue animals, and most of my life seems to be spent driving children around and looking after the animals.

I was brought up not far from here in the countryside, but have also lived in Manchester, London and Asia, all of which were great fun at the time. These days 'tho, nothing could drag me away from the rural life that I love, and I think that my photography reflects that. I am lucky to have our animals as (mostly) willing subjects - the dogs now walk off as soon as they see the camera, but I try to avoid relying on them too much because I want to try to have some variety in my albums.

I started the project on 1/1/12 in the hopes of continuing to improve my skills after taking an Open University digital photography course at the end of 2011. I succeeded in taking a picture every day and feel that my photography improved no-end as a result of that. Since the end of 2012 I haven't managed to take a picture each day, but am always hoping to do better...............

Towards the end of 2012 I upgraded from my Panasonic FZ100 bridge camera to a Canon 7D.

I have three albums - My main '365' album; an overflow album; and, one called 'same tree, different sky' where throughout the seasons I post photographs of a tree that I am particularly attached to. (Yes, I did just admit that I am attached to a tree - maybe I need to get out more)