Smoke gets.... by jayberg

Smoke gets....

"They said someday you'll find
All who love are blind
Oh, when your heart's on fire
You must realize
Smoke gets in your eyes"
Love the song and the shot! You do smoke so well. Is it a single shot? I may have to try another go at some smoke shots!
January 20th, 2013  
beautiful capture of the smoke!
January 20th, 2013  
Oh very nice, great capture
January 20th, 2013  
Very cool
January 21st, 2013  
Nicely captured!
January 21st, 2013  
a DEFINITE FAVORITE!!! tell me how you did this!!!
January 21st, 2013  
Great smoke shot! I haven't managed a good one yet.
January 21st, 2013  
thanks guys for the is how to take this shot:
- the smoke comes from an incense stick under the candle
- to shoot smoke you need to place an off camera flash at 90 degrees to the lens to illuminate the smoke
- light the smoke with a light so you can manually focus the camera
- the most important thing is to put black blinders on the sides of the flash so the light will only flash on the smoke
- take your shots as soon as it appears the smoke is coming from the candle flame
- this only took 218 tries....thankful for digital cards
January 21st, 2013  
@nicoleterheide tks Nicole
@simster thanks a lot Simmy
@kerristephens appreciated Kerri
@pamfromcalgary thanks so much Pam
January 21st, 2013  
Amazing shot! Such dedication. Thanks for the instructions.
Now, if I had time....
January 21st, 2013  
@daffodill appreciated Rose...tks
January 21st, 2013  
@jayberg yup, not doing that! I haven't the patience!
January 22nd, 2013  
I love this song and love the shot even more, Jay. You are really good at this. I just read what you did to create this shot and will just enjoy your shots like this. 218 tries, wow. FAV
January 24th, 2013  
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