Mercat de la Boquería by jborrases

Mercat de la Boquería

This time as SOOC picture, 35mm on APS-C sensor that equals to 50mm film picture. The image is a little soft, has ISO noise due to high ISO shot and has a red tint due to white balance can't hit whites correctly. One the other side, I think It has a retro touch pursued for those to explore with "lomography" :)
I like this; the mixed colour temperaturesjust give it an 'indoor' feel... and I see you had the company of a fellow photographer!
September 18th, 2017  
An excellent candid. It's what life's all about. Fav
September 18th, 2017  
@vignouse @callapix Thank you very much. there are fluorescent and incasdescent light sources. "Mercat de la Boquería" has become a tourist attraction loosing its main purpose, to be a fresh market. Perhaps this is no the case at this moment, tourist with their cameras, selfie sticks, etc... Disturb customers and vendors, generating sometimes unconfortable situations. One the other side it is one of the oldest markets of the city proud to be admired or buy some fresh products.
September 18th, 2017  
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