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2020- Year 6
What a year it has been and how things have changed. I have missed being here so I think it is time to come back and visit - not sure for how long or how often but I will take it day by day.

2019 - Year - 5
"In the world of photography, you get to share a captured moment with other people."
~ James Wilson

2018 Year - 4
I have been taking some pictures so I guess it is a good time to come back - might not be everyday but I have missed being here.
Taking a little break for now but hopefully will be back in a month or so.

2017 Year - 3
I am ready for another year of 365 - this is such an awesome place to be with so many participants from all over the world. The pictures are the main focus but are not the only aspect of this project as I have read the stories, learned about others lives, visited new countries through others pictures, and learned a new appreciation of other people's perspective on how they view things. I love how this project has made me see things I would have never have thought of stopping and taking a second look at - I seem to have a better awareness of the world around me. So on I go to year 3 on my 365 Project journey.

2016 Year - 2
Just completed my first year on 365 and I am looking forward to year number 2. I love to look at all the photos on this site and am just amazed at the incredibly talented photographers and the works that are produced. Life is so interesting and goes by so fast but by having a camera on hand it can be captured even though it is just a small piece of it.
"Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever... it remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything." ~ Aaron Siskind

2015 Year - 1
I completed a picture-of-the-day last year and wanted to see if I could do it again - found this website and thought it would be a wonderful way to continue on for another year. Even though I know some days can be a challenge I intend to complete another year in pictures.