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11-28-20 I am now in year eight of my project. I am addicted and can't give it up. I decided I would explain my comment style. I try to get to all pictures in my feed daily. But I have so many other commitments I do not have time to right a long description of what I like and I also am not so good at saying what it is I just like it. So I use single words a lot. And if I am extra busy or falling asleep I just click fav to let you know I visited. Now there are some pictures I skip - I don't like bugs that are what I consider creepy crawly (i love butterflies and bees), I don't get abstract, and I am no into music and have made mistakes commenting on album covers so I skip them so I don't make those mistakes anymore. Sometimes I can read all of your description (I have to get to work) but I love your stories and try to read them as much as possible. I have discovered that you can't post a comment from the feed on the first comment so people just hit fav, so I like to make that first comment so others will leave some also. But mainly I post from the feed and I don't do that on black to often because I need to get through my feed. If you leave for over a month I will probably delete you from my friends so that my list isn't full of people not posting any more. Well I rambled on enough, I hope you are okay with my lovely, beautiful, stunning, yummy, sweet comments.