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As I start year seven, I'm thinking about how I want to approach photography this year. I feel like I got into a really awful slump for the last six months of 2018. Just so "uninspired." On my bleaker days, I've thought of leaving 365 and doing something different. However, I feel that would be tossing away a very valuable resource and source of encouragement. I do love this community! So, on we go . . .
Using my old photography journal, I have some things I'd like to try again to work on this year - learning to use different lenses more effectively, learning more about the functions on my camera that I rarely touch, experimenting with some new techniques and revisiting some "old" ones, delving more deeply into black and white photography and studying the "greats", etc. Most importantly, and above all else, it needs to stay FUN. If it's not fun, I won't have any motivation to invest the time/money in keeping up with it. And there is so much more to learn! (1/1/2019)