The world in my letterbox :) by justaspark

The world in my letterbox :)

Not a brilliant shot - sorry - but today I want to present you a hobby of mine. As some of you maybe read on my profile, I enjoy "postcrossing".
That's a great website ( where you have to sign up. After that, you can request an address and you get one of any person in the world who has the same hobby. Now you have to write a postcard to that place in the world. After your postcard is recieved by the person (for that you get a so-called "postcard ID" that you have to write on it), YOUR address will be "enabled" to recieve another postcard. After you registered it, the sender will recieve a postcard, and so on. At first you can have 5 postcards traveling at one time, later it gets more and more.
Signing up is completely free, just the postcards and stamps cost a bit :(
I'm doing this now for a month. I've already sent 9 postcards (to Belarus, Belgium, China, the Netherlands, Russia, Taiwan, the US and Ukraine) and recieved four (means I'll still get 5 in the next days)
My recieved postcards (you see them on the picture) are from:
Svilengrad, Bulgaria
Jirny, Czech Republic
Vitebsk, Belarus
and Moscow, Russia :)
I can really recommend this hobby. Try it yourself! Especially people from smaller countries like Luxembourg, Cyprus, Puerto Rico and stuff like that are apprecicated but everyone's welcome and will have their fun :D
Very cool!!!! Such a great idea. Sounds like fun, I'm going to check it out.
November 4th, 2013  
@stillcrappysailor You should, it really is! :)
November 4th, 2013  
Meine beste Freundin hat das auch mal gemacht! :) War spannend - aber jetzt mit dem project hat man ja auch die ganze Welt immer "dabei"! :)
November 4th, 2013  
@agentzuckerguss Ja stimmt! :) Ich mag's trotzdem :D
November 4th, 2013  
Jule, you commented on the explanation of my username in that discussion thread so I popped in to look at your images...and I, too, am a member of Postcrossing! These are postcard/Postcrossing images I have posted:
November 4th, 2013  
@sjoblues That's cool! Great shots of the stamps! How long are you a member already? :)
November 4th, 2013  
First, I really like this photo. The background you picked is perfect to frame the postcards, and I really like the way you arranged them for the photo. Well done.

Second, I've got to check out that site! It really does sound like a fun concept. Now it's just a matter of finding a place here that sells postcards!
November 4th, 2013  
@kannafoot Glad you like the picture! :)
Sometimes lottery offices or stuff like that have a few postcards, that's where I also buy lots of mine. Otherwise there are a few good shops on the Internet. Just google for it! :)
November 4th, 2013  
@justaspark I'm thinking our downtown hotels should have them in the gift shop, too. I *know* just about everyplace in Newport would have them - it's a major tourist destination - but that's a 50 minute drive. LOL
November 4th, 2013  
@justaspark @kannafoot Bookstores sell postcards here (in the USA), most drug stores (chemists) do, museums and other tourist attractions... Or print your own postcards from your photos! The website Moo (dot) com is just one of many websites/companies that print postcards from your art/images. :)
November 4th, 2013  
@justaspark Postcrossing tells me I've been a member for over five years! I didn't realize it was that long. I've exchanged 499 postcards.
November 4th, 2013  
@sjoblues Oh, I really like the idea of using photos, Shannon!
November 4th, 2013  
fantastic photo and wonderful discussion!! could be a 2014 addition for me :-)
November 5th, 2013  
@sjoblues Not bad! :) :O
November 5th, 2013  
@nkehrle Thanks a lot, you should really try it, if you don't like it you also can make your account inactive :)
November 5th, 2013  
That actually sounds like a great hobby!! I might just check it out myself :)
November 6th, 2013  
Sounds like a fun hobby and a great project! I may have to try it myself!
December 22nd, 2013  
This has brought back really great memories of collecting postcards when I was a child. I had "albums" of them in my room and I would just cruise through them sitting on my bed. I think it is what got me into photography, the beautiful photos from interesting places... I am going to look into this too, it sounds awesome.
December 23rd, 2013  
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