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I've long had an appreciation of the visual world, but no formal study of it. I only know what appeals to me. I purchased my first SLR in March 2012 and I've taken a lot of photos when traveling, but I never seem to have enough time to practice and critique my own work. My friend (@Taffy) found out about 365 Project and we decided this would be a good way to jump in, make a commitment, and do our best to grow a little at a time. Began 365: January 1, 2013

I welcome critique! Please be liberal with constructive criticism . . .

2014 update:
Finished first year with only two fillers, and loved the experience! I learned a lot, and want to continue with this wonderful community. My challenges: crazy travel schedule, lack of consistent time and access to good internet while traveling, and overfilled computer storage dilemmas (seriously, a thousand photos in a week? x how many weeks of travel??).

2015 update:
Enjoyed year two at "my pace". I still have a lot I want to learn, I enjoy the interactions with this community, and I like looking back over time and seeing what I have been photographing. I continue to travel a lot internationally and have inconsistent time and internet access.

Focus for 2016: Learn to use Lightroom. Started in September 2016.
Focus for 2017: Recommit to learn Lightroom. Started again March 2017.
Focus for 2018: Maybe this will be the year I learn Photoshop. Just maybe.
Focus for 2019: Since I lost 2018, I am still hoping to learn Photoshop.
Focus for 2020: The Pandemic has meant staying at home continuously so I started with photographing my home library but then I switched to backyard-photography as the weather got better. I purchased two online courses on Photoshop. Now I just have to actually watch them, practice, and learn.
Focus for 2021: ¿¿Where did the year go?? Practicing re-processing photos taken earlier, a little at a time, from those years when I was able to get out and about more.
Focus for 2022: Struggling to figure out how to define my photography. It all seems so random. When I was traveling, it was almost a visual diary.
Focus for 2023: Develop some series to put some definition on the range of photography I do.

I sincerely appreciate your visits, comments, and favs. I apologize in advance for my inconsistency in posting and responding as my schedule continues to be erratic.

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