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Hello! My name is Kim Olson. I live in the United States, in Washinton State, up near the Canadian border. I work for a health insurance company as a Senior Reimburement Analyst. So, I won't bore you with details, but, let's just say, I sit behind a computer 40+ hours a week, and get plenty of exercise for the analytical left side of my brain. Photography is how I keep the creative right side of my brain in shape.

I started this 365 project on 01.01.2010, because, I realized that, too often, I let "life" get in the way, and sometimes goes weeks without picking up my camera. That just was not acceptable! So, here I am.

I hope you enjoy looking at my photos even half as much as I enjoy taking them.

You can see more of my work at www.krophotography.smugmug.com