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I took a Rocky Mountain School Basic Photography course this past May 2012 . So I am a beginner and having a lot of fun. please feel free to give me feedback so I can learn.

November 2013 will start my 2nd year.
Below are a list of things I have enjoyed about this project.

As I start year two I hope to focus on improving my skills and learning more about processing.

1. The best thing about being on 365 project has been you. Looking at all of your photos has been so much fun and getting to know each of you through your photos has been a great experience. Only others who love photography can understand this commitment. I want to thank my dear friend Deanna @drussell for encouraging me to try 365. I will stay on the project but at a slower pace. Thanks again to each of you who take the time to look and comment on my photos!

2. Taking a photo a day has given me the confidence to take more photo courses. I took a trip with Rocky Mountain School of Photography. I also took an online course with Doug Johnson on Betterphoto.com. By taking a photo a day it prepared me for being critiqued, I was able to understand the lessons since I work with the camera daily. It has also taught me a lot about how to handle photos in the computer.

Thank you for taking the time to comment. I will catch up soon on your photos. I am on vacation with my husband so on the go a lot.

3. I will always remember how your encouragement has kept me going this year. Your comments, thoughts and faves have been so uplifting. I will remember this as a valuable lesson and will find ways to share the gift of encouragement with others.

4. I have loved the new ideas I learned from each of you daily. It is so much fun seeing the amazing techniques you all use, unique composition, lighting and processing. I have also learned about new equipment.

5.This project has made me look at the world with new eyes. I have lived on my farm for ten years. This year was the first time I noticed the true beauty. I saw the smallest to biggest wildflower, all types of unusual insects, flowers, trees,birds, clouds. Everywhere I go there are new scenes I want to capture.

6. It has been wonderful seeing and learning about other parts of the world through the eyes of my 365 friends.

7. Through taking photos everyday I learned that taking photos are kind of like golf shots. Each photo could have been better if I would have moved a little or focused different.

8. I am thankful for the evenings spent with my husband looking at the days photos trying to decide which one to post on 365. He often asks " What exactly is the subject"? Many times I could not answer. That is probably why I started taking so many macro shots, haha!

9. This project has given me the discipline to take a photo a day regardless of the weather or my health. I am hoping to be as successful with other goals in my life.

10. This project has made me learn all of the buttons on my camera and my husbands camera which I have borrowed in the name of good photography.