Duchess  by katriak


I'm starting to believe that Duchess' meteorological radar is broken. It was 5C (41F) this morning and yet she wanted out and hasn't been asking for her hot pad.
Now I am intrigued, how does she “ask for her hot pad”?
September 2nd, 2022  
@gardencat During winter, I warm it for her before I eat breakfast. If she doesn't have it by the time I'm eating, she'll come and basically sit in my oatmeal. For years, she has started acting like this, when the weather gets colder.
September 2nd, 2022  
I guess if there is no heating pad warm oatmeal is the next best thing.
September 2nd, 2022  
@gardencat This, and she has trained me to do a trick: just like that the heated pad appears.
September 2nd, 2022  
You and Duchess have a routine! She is very beautiful!
September 7th, 2022  
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