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Update 2017: This year, it will be about improving my creative eye and to improve my use of Lightroom, Photoshop, my Wacom tablet and to also practice shaping light with ambient and also off-camera flash.

Update: I've almost reached day 300, am still slogging along spending a couple of hours each day on photography. Most days I take a shot a day, or if I've had a good day out, I will upload a few images over the next few days. The idea now is to mostly use my DSLR and to spend more time learning more about photo editing. A few months ago, I purchase my first piece of good glass...a Canon f1.4 50mm is mostly the lens I use - my kit lens do not compare!

At this stage, it is still all about getting a good shot...the artistic or creative side of photography is something I aspire to achieve in the near future, hopefully!

You may notice, I don't give many "thank you's" on my photos to those who comment - instead I endeavour to go and view their shots and comment in turn. I do have to limit my time on the computer - I learnt along time ago, life still has to be lived, so a balance in all things is necessary!

When I first started this project:
Hi all, I am from NSW Australia. I have two kids so maybe they will feature here sometime, however, I am looking forward to getting out there and really looking at the world around me and sharing what I see with you.

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