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Poems. City. Town. Country. Nature. Landscape and its history. Beaver swamps. Water. Music. All kinds of art. Soundhunting. Exploring. Curiousity. Joy. Dreams.


I discovered Project 365 only in September 2020. I was primarily interested in creating a diary and I was searching for ways how to do it. The most important thing for me was to record a trace of the day.
(I have been trying to write daily records since childhood, but I have never been very happy with them. I also keep travel diaries and once I finally figured it out, HOW to write it: 19 years ago we travelledthrough northern Poland for three weeks, we spent a lot of time in trains, my friend always slept and I wrote a travel diary. A true travel diary! And the last day I left my perfect diary in the train and it went into the unknown… When I found it out, it was too late. And since then, diaries have not been again what I wish they were.)

I got my first camera at the age of ten and have been taking photos ever since. My father built a darkroom in the bathroom and we made b/w photos at home. And photography accompanies me all my life. In recent years, my photos are more fleeting daily records than carefully composed photographs, my life became too fast. But I still like to look at the world through the camera's viewfinder and notice things I might not have noticed otherwise.

So the first thing was to create a diary. One photo every day, whether amazing or not very good. The main thing was to keep the memory. But then I realised I couldn´t put random photos here. This project is so full of amazing photos that I started to think much more about what to put in it.

So for now, I'm looking for a way how to create my own project 365. And I'm enchanted by the many amazing photos from around the world that can be seen on this website. I´m very happy I discovered it.

English isn´t my native language and it´s difficult for me to write longer texts in English though I would love to. Please excuse any errors on my part.