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If I count correctly, I am now starting my 4th year (2021) in the 365 project! I was captivated by the wonderful photos of the people here and their dedication! I try to look at photos of my followers and those I follow every day. There would be plenty to say about what you see, but translation takes a lot of time. Fortunately, Goole's compiler has improved a lot! Already last year I planned to present the wonderful cities and villages of Hungary, but unfortunately the pandemic did not allow me! Thank you to everyone for their feedback and encouraging words about my photos.

I was born in Budapest and I lived here all my life. Unfortunatley I do not speak any English so I have to use Google translate. Because of this sometimes my thoughts will not come ont exactly as I meant them to, but I do understand your comments and I hope that you are understand mine as well. I admire and respect all of you who is part of the 365 project, and also all of you who up a photo everyday to share a moment of your day. I am grateful to be a part of this group.